Piecemeal Pies is a British inspired pie shop and local hard cider bar in White River Junction, VT. We specialize in savory meat pies, but really, we love our vegetables and sweets just as much.

Using local, organic, and seasonal ingredients is what we’re all about, so we work with farmers to make sure we always have the best vegetables, fruits, and meats possible. We believe that starting with exceptional ingredients grown and raised by people we know, and committing to quality all along the way makes for the tastiest pies. We want to make food that’s delicious for the community we love. And we want to offer the best cider around.

Chef/Owner Justin Barrett arrived in Vermont in 2010. After graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in architecture, Justin decided to embrace his love of cooking and move to NYC where he worked at April Bloomfield’s Michelin-rated The Spotted Pig and designed and built the Lower East Side’s The Fat Radish. Leaving the city, Justin came to Vermont looking for a change of pace, and an opportunity to get back to the proverbial land. He wanted to learn to grow his own food, slaughter his own animals, and to do what he loves most: bring people together over delicious food.

In 2012, Justin spent a year in Maine designing and opening Saltwater Farm at Union Hall as head chef.  But he had fallen in love with Vermont in general, and with White River Junction in particular, so he returned home to the Upper Valley. His contribution to the community is Piecemeal Pies – an amalgamation of the experiences, values, and tastes that have shaped his view of just how good rural dining can be.