Let us bake that showstopper pie everyone will be talking about at your July 4th picnic
Email us or call the shop to order before June 28.
Pickup day is Tuesday July 3.

Quadruple Apple Pie

Three varieties of Vermont heirloom apples plus pure Vermont cider jelly, a little lemon zest, and fresh ginger gives this pie its intense apple-ness!
A stern Brit scolded me, "Keep that bloody cinnamon outta there!"

Blueberry Rhubarb

Vermont blueberries (yes, we use all local fruit year round) and spring rhubarb are perfect together in our super flakey crust. 
if you ask really nicely we might give you the secret pastry ingredient...

Strawberry Custard

Organic strawberries (hand-picked by our sunburnt staff) and vanilla elderflower custard.  Um yeah, nuff said.